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Creating a permanent immersive and interactive installation within a dome for public engagement posed a major challenge, primarily due to space constraints. Furthermore, this creation was intended to be located at the Earth Center, necessitating intrinsic environmental commitment.



To address these challenges, our team embarked on a series of bold initiatives. First, we custom-designed a dome tailored to the unique requirements of this project. Next, mapping proved to be a significant challenge. It had to be meticulously executed by hand with exceptional precision to ensure a flawless result. The final outcome of this project was named "The Hive." This immersive installation was crafted to captivate the audience in a fascinating journey through nature. Additionally, an educational screen complementing the experience was created to provide visitors with the opportunity to learn more about natural phenomena, wildlife, and flora in Canada, thereby reinforcing the educational aspect of this unique experience.



At first glance, "The Hive" appears as a cocoon, inviting you to step inside and unlock the secrets of our planet. As you enter, a sense of warmth and envelopment surrounds you, evoking a meditative state of life akin to a fetus in the womb. Droning soundscapes gently prepare you for the adventure that lies ahead.


Once inside, you wield the power of interaction at your fingertips. Using intuitive hand gestures, you'll dive into the intricate world of honeybees' communication, traverse the depths of our oceans, voyage through the cosmos, and witness natural wonders like the awe-inspiring aurora borealis and powerful hurricanes. It's a collaborative and immersive visual experience that allows you to co-create with fellow visitors.


"The Hive" serves as an allegory for the richness of our planet's ecosystems. It transports you through a real-time simulation of diverse environments and ecosystems, enveloping you in a 360-degree panorama of wonders and interactive discoveries. This experience reinforces the interconnectedness of our global tribe, highlighting the profound impact of nature's beauty and fragility on our lives.


But "The Hive" is more than just an immersive spectacle; it's a call to action. Amidst the awe-inspiring visuals and interactive learning, we aim to awaken environmental consciousness. As you explore various realities from the perspectives of different species, you'll be inspired to reflect on the urgency of our environmental challenges.


"The Hive" is a testament to the power of collaboration, curiosity, and education. It's a case study in innovative design that brings nature to life in ways previously unimagined.




An interactive experience by Eden Creative Studio

Produced by: Age of Union

Artistic and Technical Director: Jérôme Delapierre

Interactive Design: Jérôme Delapierre, Julien Lassignardie

Visual Design: Jérôme Delapierre

Music Composition: Mirek Hamet

Interactive Sound Design and Technical Sound Direction: Joe Browne

Artistic Direction for the Educational Screen and Text: Ariane Brien-Legault

Interactive Design for the Educational Screen - UX/UI: Elysha Poirier

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