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Create an immersive experience accessible to all based on quantum physics, often perceived as a complex and abstract subject, and bring quantum physics concepts to life in an immersive and interactive digital environment.


We were inspired to create fun interactive games, based on key principles of quantum physics such as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, Wave-Particle Duality, the emission spectrum, the Higgs Boson, the Bose-Einstein and the emission spectrum, creating a thrilling experience that could be understood on multiple levels and accessible to families as well as researchers.

When Supply & Demand approached us to design and carry out an experiment inspired by quantum physics for the TELUS Spark Science Centre, we knew it was going to be an exciting adventure. Charged with the mission of bringing the concepts of quantum physics to life in an immersive and interactive digital environment, we embarked on a creative journey that pushed the boundaries of art, science and technology.



From the start of this project, we knew we were venturing into uncharted territory. Quantum physics, often seen as complex and abstract, would undergo a transformation into a vibrant and captivating experience.


We drew inspiration from the fundamentals of quantum physics to create a digital space that would envelop visitors in a world of limitless color, light, sound and energy. It was essential that Quantum Sandbox become more than just an exhibition; but a fun experience, halfway between science and art, both educational and entertaining.


We knew that the key to success was to make quantum physics accessible to a wide audience, transcending the complexity that often surrounds the subject. This wasn't just a project for us, it was a mission to show that science could be fun and inspiring.


We therefore designed tables, and fun and interactive activities, inspired by different concepts of quantum physics such as


As we delved deeper into the development process, we were fortunate to be guided by the deep insights and wisdom of the Blackfoot community. Valuable contributions from Kainai elder Dr. Leroy Little Bear and Siksika physicist Rob Cardinal enriched Quantum Sandbox with a unique blend of indigenous knowledge and scientific expertise.


Through this collaborative effort, we had the privilege of not only producing a digital immersion experience, but also fostering a connection between science and tradition. Our journey has been guided by innovation and a deep respect for the culture and heritage that shaped this remarkable project.


Ultimately, Quantum Sandbox is a testament to the power of creative collaboration and the endless possibilities that arise when science, art, and curiosity converge.



Experience produced by

 TELUS Spark Science Center 

In partnership with Supply & Demand

A co-creation of : Eden Creative Studio & Supply & Demand Studio.

Interactive design and immersive environment:Eden Creative Studio

Executive Producer : Olivier Goulet

Creative Director : Stefan Miljevic

Interactive Design : Jérôme Delapierre, Raphael Dupont

Visual Design : Jérôme Delapierre, Olivier Goulet, Raphael Dupont, Etienne Cantin, Stefan Miljevic

Music composer & Sound effects: Maxim Lepage

Interactive sound effects : Romain Constant

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